Benefits of Winter Pruning

Why to Prune Your Trees in the Winter?

One question people are always asking me is;  “ is winter pruning a good idea?” or  “when is the best time to prune a tree?”   Although many people like to wait until the summer months to have their trees pruned,  studies have shown that late winter and early spring are actually a better time to prune.   Beginning in the fall and continuing into winter, trees shift to a dormant state. The trees growth  (including wound closure) slows significantly and does not begin again until the following spring.   Optimum wound closure is achieved by pruning  during the late winter and early spring, right before the flush growth of spring.  The wound left by pruning is able to begin closing as soon as the weather warms and is given the maximum amount of time to heal.    

More Reasons!

Other reasons for winter pruning include disease control and storm preparation.   Insects and fungal infections begin as the weather warms and are problems which may be aggravated by pruning at the wrong time.  A certified arborist will be able to identify these issues and take the appropriate steps before they become a problem.  Be proactive by pruning your tree ahead of time  before costly and unsightly damage occurs.    Don’t forget about your trees this winter.  Winter pruning has proven benefits and your investment in trees will pay dividends for years to come!


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